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Monday, February 20, 2012

Advantages of debit cards over credit cards

In personal or corporate financial management, the introduction of electronic cards over the years, has made financial transactions very efficient and smart. But worthy of note here, is the fact that both credit and debit cards are used today globally for making payments, which can be done through ATM's, websites and POS terminals.
However, it has been noticed that credit cards pose serious problems to the user in the areas of convenience and maintenance. Although credit cards can be used as a form of quick loans, the charges are in most cases very high and unfriendly to the users. Hence a smarter and more convenient choice remains the DEBIT CAR

How to make money with HTML5

HTML was seen as a language for constructing websites, but over the years it has grown into a tool for building rich applications and games as well.
One can make money designing websites for individuals and corporations by making use of html. I recommend html as an easy to understand and utilize, language for anyone who is seriously interested.
HTML5 which is an advancing and developing form of html with the introduction of canvas, video tags etc in it's language can be used to also create interesting applications which can be run on various devices including internet enabled TV sets, Hence a new form of business is brewing for anyone interested in developing such applications which can be paid for or distributed freely.

Monday, January 30, 2012

How to profit in online Forex trading

The basic principle of making profits in online Forex trading is this =
Buy low sell high= profits
Sell high buy low= profits
Example; EUR/USD= 1.245 “lets assume we expect increase in exchange rate so we buy”
And exchange rate becomes 1.255
So now we sell @ 1.255
Profits=1.255-1.245= 10

“Note” the problem now is knowing if the rates will go up or down in order to buy or sell, however with close observation, technical and fundamental analysis, one can be able to predict rate changes accurately.
“Never trade Forex blindly because its quite risky”

I hope this is useful to anybody reading?

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Why are some people rich and some people poor?

For a moment this question just kept running through my mind.
Although poverty has different definitions, but Ill go with the def that says poverty is a situation or condition where one is unable to afford the basic needs of life.

But I just kept wondering
Are some people born to be rich?
Are some people born to be poor?
Is poverty just part of destiny?
Is poverty just a choice?

If u have any comment about this topic please post your comments. I really need to know what u all think

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Na who say awuf dey run belle

Free 3d software

I’ve always been interested in 3d and I always wanted create my own 3d stuff. Blender software is what I am trying my hands on. Blender software is free to download and use, you can create almost anything u wish, from computer games, animations, amazing still pictures, funny characters, etc. visit there website www.blender.org and become a 3d guru today!!! On the download section of their website download as appropriate for your operating system either windows or Linux etc.

Learn how to design websites for free
W3schools is indeed the best place to learn how to design any kind of website from professional to hobbyist, you’ll learn html, xml, css, JavaScript, asp, sql, php, etc among others. Visit w3schools.com and become a guru in web designing all for free!!!

Moringa the miracle tree

Moringa is a plant that grows mainly in the tropics and subtropics the plant has 13 known species, it is called the miracle tree because of the various benefits it has to mankind, livestock and the environment in general. It is widely available in Nigeria; it is called zogale, Ewe ile, Bagaruwar makar, depending on the location from north to south.

Scientific research confirms that these humble leaves are a powerhouse of nutritional value. Gram for gram, Moringa leaves contain: SEVEN times the vitamin C in oranges, FOUR times the Calcium in milk, FOUR times the vitamin A in carrots, TWO times the protein in milk and THREE times the Potassium in bananas.

Protein 42%, Calcium 125%, Magnesium 61%, Potassium 41%, Iron 71%, Vitamin A 272%, and Vitamin C 22%. These numbers are particularly astounding; considering this nutrition is available when other food sources may be scarce

After the oil is extracted from the pods, the seed-cake remaining contains the active components for removing turbidity (solid particles) from water. Because bacteria adhere to the solids, this seed-cake also effectively removes bacteria. At the Thyolo Water Treatment Works in Malawi, Africa, two researchers from the University Of Leicester, England, have worked on substituting Moringa seeds for alum to remove solids in water for drinking. Not only were the tests successful in removing as much solid material as alum, but the seeds used were "purchased from enthusiastic villagers in Nsanje Region in Malawi" (Folkard and Sutherland, 1996. Not only is Moringa oleifera as effective as aluminum sulphate (alum) in removing suspended solids from turbid water, it has a major advantage. Because it can be produced locally, "using Moringa rather than alum would save foreign exchange and generate farm and employment income." The potential for Moringa to create a new market for a community is there, and studies and projects are taking place examining this potential. Use of this natural substance would also remove a source of aluminum contamination.

Moringa can also provide oil for making biofuels. The seeds contain 30-50% oil, or 112-185 gal/acre/year. The oil contains 65-75% oleic acids and, unlike Jatropha oil, is beneficial for both humans and fuel.

Visit www.treesforlife.org/moringa for more information on the Moringa plant.