Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Na who say awuf dey run belle

Free 3d software

I’ve always been interested in 3d and I always wanted create my own 3d stuff. Blender software is what I am trying my hands on. Blender software is free to download and use, you can create almost anything u wish, from computer games, animations, amazing still pictures, funny characters, etc. visit there website www.blender.org and become a 3d guru today!!! On the download section of their website download as appropriate for your operating system either windows or Linux etc.

Learn how to design websites for free
W3schools is indeed the best place to learn how to design any kind of website from professional to hobbyist, you’ll learn html, xml, css, JavaScript, asp, sql, php, etc among others. Visit w3schools.com and become a guru in web designing all for free!!!

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