Monday, February 20, 2012

Advantages of debit cards over credit cards

In personal or corporate financial management, the introduction of electronic cards over the years, has made financial transactions very efficient and smart. But worthy of note here, is the fact that both credit and debit cards are used today globally for making payments, which can be done through ATM's, websites and POS terminals.
However, it has been noticed that credit cards pose serious problems to the user in the areas of convenience and maintenance. Although credit cards can be used as a form of quick loans, the charges are in most cases very high and unfriendly to the users. Hence a smarter and more convenient choice remains the DEBIT CAR

How to make money with HTML5

HTML was seen as a language for constructing websites, but over the years it has grown into a tool for building rich applications and games as well.
One can make money designing websites for individuals and corporations by making use of html. I recommend html as an easy to understand and utilize, language for anyone who is seriously interested.
HTML5 which is an advancing and developing form of html with the introduction of canvas, video tags etc in it's language can be used to also create interesting applications which can be run on various devices including internet enabled TV sets, Hence a new form of business is brewing for anyone interested in developing such applications which can be paid for or distributed freely.